The power of imagination

Miriam de Lange

Paying attention to what you feel, observing it and then visualizing it, can be comforting, enlightening, reconciling, but may also raise questions. The intuitive process of imagination makes you curious about what you are actually trying to point out.

The images can raise questions about the individual versus the universal, the physical versus the spiritual and the scientific versus the artistic. It is fascinating to investigate the reciprocity between the apparant opposites. On the cutting edge of health care and art, this can be done both on a substantive and intuitive level.

Awareness of physicality as a source of inspiration and insight. Art as a witness of the power of  imagination, as a medium for making the invisible visible, as a means to stimulate discussion and as a moment of connection.

Visual expression, expressing creatively what is provoking you or what you are struggling with, leads to personal insights and provides vitality. This is what I have experienced in recent years and what resulted in a portfolio of personal work (see WHY), part of which is now also for sale (see WORK).


online project in progress

DWARS ontwerp

In collaboration with Mark Schulte I  started in 2001 design studio DWARS ontwerp. Within this partnership I focus on the development of communication concepts and the design and realization of exhibitions. Analyzing and distilling stories and translate them into an appealing graphic and spatial design.

Highlighting a subject in an attractive way in image, text, form and experience. That is what fascinates me. Hands on, exploring, drawing and tinkering are important aspects of the creative process for me. This turned out to be of value not only in a design process in my professional practice but in a personal self-care process as well.

DWARS ontwerp
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