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Join the Pipe

The City Water Bottle is a sustainable, reusable water bottle filled with local tap water. It is the latest series for Join the Pipe. Two ideas come together in this series: a sustainable, reusable water bottle as a substitute for bottled spring water and a water bottle that is interesting for city marketing, for both residents and visitors to the big cities. Each City Water Bottle features the skyline of the city in which it is sold. Many Dutch cities now have their own City Water Bottle. There are now City Water Bottles in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen, Nijmegen and Maastricht and more will follow soon. The bottles are for example for sale at the Albert Heijn branches in those cities.

In addition to the Dutch cities, there are also City Water Bottles from major cities worldwide, such as: Accra, Berlin, Birmingham, Bruges, Brussels, Detroit, Dubai, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Gibraltar, Houston, Copenhagen, London, Lyon, New York, Paris, Porto, San Antonio, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. These bottles are also sold locally there with filtered tap water. Think Local, Act Global!

The City Water Bottle is an apparently simple yet iconic water bottle that radiates that it wants to be reused. The carrying eye on top of the bottle says “Take me!”. The skyline on the bottle shows where you bought your bottle and thereby also says something about you?

This series is the result of close cooperation between client, designers, producer, suppliers and the retail & hospitality industry. In addition to the 3D design of the bottle itself, the design process also consists of the design of a production process in order to cost-effectively provide each City Water Bottle with a different skyline in the production mold. The bottle is entirely produced in the Netherlands. Biobased HDPE from sugar cane is still used as raw material, but this may eventually be replaced by Dutch sugar beets.

The City Water Bottle consists of only two parts, yet it is a high-quality bottle with, for example, an integrated seal. The bottle has a large drinking opening, which makes it easy to keep clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. The material used is also BPA-free.

client: Geraldo Vallen – Join the Pipe in Amsterdam
product design & engineering: Mark Schulte – DWARS ontwerp
graphic design: Laurens Boschman – Join the Pipe
production: Peter Westveer – Flestic
webshop: Join-the-pipe.org 
year: 2020