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Theater festival Parade & Join the Pipe

De Parade supports Join the Pipe in their ambition to provide everyone in the world with clean drinking water. With the sale of reusable Parade water bottles, many people have been helped with clean drinking water and better hygiene and living conditions.

In 2013 the donations were used to install hand pumps in rural Africa, giving thousands of people access to drinking water. The water kiosks that were installed in schools in 2014 still ensure that there is clean drinking water for the children and that they get water for home and can combine schooling.

The proceeds from the donations in 2015 went to the most remote areas in Africa and in 2016 to school children in the outskirts of the big city where there is often no water at school. In 2017, waste was disposed of in the slums of Nairobi and the children were taught about the effects of plastic in the environment.

The Coin Collector is now a well-known appearance on the Parade. Here you can help and win. Make an effort to throw small change into the pipe. If you succeed, you win a cool Join the Pipe bottle. If you don’t succeed, you still help people with access to clean tap water!

client: Theater festival Parade and Join the Pipe in Amsterdam
concept & design: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2013

Ontwerp voor collectebus voor Join the Pipe op theaterfestival Parade