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EC Solution Group

Those who frequently travel by plane know the inconveniences, long lines at the check-in desks and the uncertainty whether your baggage has arrived after the flight. eTag and eTrack offer a solution. With the eTag – the baggage tag of the latest generation – you can provide your baggage with the flight data at home and check in for your flight. At the airport you just have to take your baggage to a drop-off point. The eTrack – a baggage tracking device – lets you know where your baggage is located, wherever you go. Both devices work together with airline systems.

The eTag is the electronic successor of the paper label with barcode and is fully compatible. The eTag has an e-ink screen on both sides showing the barcode with flight data. In addition, it has RFID to communicate with baggage handling systems at airports and Bluetooth LE for communication with the smartphone app.

The design and construction of the eTag meets high demands. The housing must be particularly impact and scratch-resistant in order to withstand its way through the baggage handling system. The electronics are therefore splash-proof and shock-resistant sealed in the ultrasonic welded housing. The eTag is attached to the baggage with a strong, integrated, flexible strap and can only be released with a TSA-certified key. The robustness of the deivce and the read quality of the e-ink screens in the housing have been extensively tested in various baggage handling systems with prototypes of the eTag.

The design of the eTag provides various branding options, such as color and the application of logos. The eTag is also equipped with an interchangeable and customizable ring that can be used for various frequent flyer programs.

The eTrack you simply put in your baggage before your flight – the design with the integrated clip makes it easy to attach the eTrack to luggage straps in suitcases – after which you can track the location of your baggage through the app on your smartphone. The eTrack can also communicate with the eTag and even with the systems of the aircraft.

client: EC Solution Group (FastTrack Company)
concept & design housing: Mark Schulte of DWARS ontwerp in collaboration with Joanna Boothman Design
sourcing suppliers models and prototype series: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2015