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Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

In 2004 ten new countries joined the European Union. Commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Kasteel Groeneveld organized an exhibition about the largest expansion of the EU until then. Prior tot the exhibition, journalist Herman Vuijsje walked for six weeks through the countryside of five Eastern European countries. Photographer Jan Banning followed his footsteps with his camera. Their travel report – the book ‘The Price of Paradise’ – forms the basis of the exhibition.

In our concept for the exhibition, we encourage visitors to discover the statistical landscape of the new European Union – guided by the stimulating quotes of Herman Vuijsje and the intense photographs of Jan Banning. What are the differences and similarities between the countries? Alterra Wageningen collected a wide range of data for the multimedia presentations on agriculture, countryside and nature. With all this information in mind, what would your EU policy look like? Choose your own policy for the future of the European landscape in the game: ‘What do (E)U think?’. Compare your outcome with the actual policy. ‘What do you think is the price of paradise?’

client: Kees J. de Ruiter, Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture Nature and Food Quality
project team: Leonie Baake, Jan Banning, Bas Pedroli, Hayo Haanstra, Miriam de Lange, Caroline van der Lee, Mark Schulte, Sim Visser, Ellen van de Vrugt and Herman Vuijsje
concept, design & production: DWARS ontwerp, Miriam de Lange and Mark Schulte
introduction & quotes: Herman Vuijsje, sociologist/writer
photography: Jan Banning
text editing: Leonie Baake and Ruben Smit
text translation: Caroline Hartigan
statistical data: Alterra Wageningen, Bas Pedroli. With thanks to the students of Wageningen University and Research Center: Susanne Mak, Mirko Marseille, Ghislaine van der Vlies, Matthijs Vrij Peerdeman, Peter Wijsman and Eline Zeelenberg.
interactive animations Agriculture, Countryside & Nature: DWARS ontwerp, Miriam de Lange and Mark Schulte
game What do (E)U think?: DWARS ontwerp, Miriam de Lange and Mark Schulte
technical support: John Klok, Technical Service Kasteel Groeneveld
year: 2004