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Continuon Netbeheer
grafisch ontwerp

DWARS ontwerp designed the website for the project ‘Society on the doorstep’. During the course of the campaign, the website was the beating heart of the project where e.g. the rotation schedule of the crates can be found and where the current scores of the theme statements are shown. On the theme pages, the company’s theme ambassadors are calling colleagues to participate in the debate on the discussion forum.

On the PRIVACY theme page, photos of employees can be viewed which were taken with a webcam in the PRIVACY crate and uploaded to the photo gallery on the website through an UMTS connection. You have been spotted!

client: Paul Corton – Continuon Netbeheer
content: Karin Rikkers – Corporate Social Responsibility department
design website: DWARS ontwerp
web development:
year: 2008