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Join the Pipe

Access to clean drinking water is a problem in large parts of the world. Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap water drinkers and wants to change that. Join the Pipe promotes drinking tap water with the aim of a fair distribution of drinking water. With the sale of water taps and refillable tap water bottles, drinking water projects in developing countries are financed. In the Netherlands we become aware of the quality of our own tap water and we contribute to the reduction of the sale of bottled water and therefore to potential litter!

DWARS ontwerp designed for Join the Pipe the iconic series Pipe Bottles, a set of six tap water bottles that refer in their shape to the fitting pieces of water pipelines. You can couple the bottles to simulate a water pipeline! The bottles, made of durable, BPA-free plastic, have a comfortable drinking opening that can be removed for easy washing of the bottles, even in the dishwasher. Each bottle has the characteristic, elastic carrying strap.

The bottles have a unique construction consisting of injection molded parts. A few basic parts are used for the entire series. Only the middle part is unique per shape of the bottle. The parts are assembled with ultrasonic welding into a watertight product.

client: Join the Pipe in Amsterdam
design and engineering: DWARS ontwerp
sourcing suppliers: DWARS ontwerp
recognition: Dutch Design Award – Design & Sustainability Prize 2010
year: 2009
photos on location: Join the Pipe

Ontwerp en duurzaamheidsprijs voor PIPE BOTTLES
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