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DWARS ontwerp

The public outdoor space is all of us! Of young and old, for children to play, for young people to come together and for local residents to enjoy the outdoors. Based on this idea, we came up with this modular concept for the design of a play & meeting square. A square where it is nice to be. In the middle of an urban environment, for all residents of the neighbourhood. A place of connection where young and old meet and children play together and learn from each other.

The design consists of a modular system of coloured concrete elements of two by two meters. The elements can be combined in a square grid to form an arrangement that matches the scale and size of a location. With four concrete elements you can already build a play object, seating object or green box. With more space available, a playful environment can be created with organic shapes and lines that invite you to sit, run, jump, balance and discover … think for yourself what you want to do, the concrete elements can take a beating!

initiative: DWARS ontwerp, submission to design competition by Jantje Beton in collaboration with the BNSP and the Municipality of The Hague
idea, design and visualization: DWARS ontwerp – Miriam de Lange and Mark Schulte
year: 2012