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Playing together and learning while playing, that’s the idea behind the Sound Steps. An interactive sound concept that is an original addition to the existing product range for schools and daycare centers.

Sound Steps is easy to operate by children. Choose a game card and place it in the card reader. The game can be played directly with the Sound Steps and the ten rubber mats – the steps – on which you can stand, jump, press, or hit and which you can also turn around for more possibilities. Listen to the sound, which animal do you hear? Turn the step over, stand on it and hear if you are right! In a playful way, children can learn to count, play the piano, play musical chairs, learn a language, recognize animals, and so on!

Sound Steps consists of a combination of smart electronics and an efficient housing. The robust, rotomolded housing is equipped with a cpu unit, an RFID card reader for program selection – each game card has an integrated RFID tag – and an integrated speaker for audio output. The steps have a pressure-sensitive sensor that communicates wirelessly with the central unit. The housing has a curved, laminated wooden panel at the front and back and has an integrated storage compartment for the steps and game cards.

client: Nyoyn in Eindhoven
concept & design: Mark Schulte – DWARS ontwerp, Bas Groenendaal and Rik Wesselink – Nyoyn
engineering housing: Mark Schulte – DWARS ontwerp
recognition: Good Industrial Design – Special Award for Excellence & Originality 2010
year: 2009