Grafisch ontwerp raamaffiche & communicatiecampagne in Amsterdam
Grafisch ontwerp affiche THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT NICE
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DWARS ontwerp

If you live and work in one of the busiest neighborhoods of Amsterdam and you experience more and more inconvenience due to the growing number of visitors, what do you do as designers? You address the problem in a creative way. This led to the idea of the window poster using the three Andreas crosses of the Amsterdam logo as prohibition crosses against nuisances with the call to keep it nice. Not only a playful action but also a call to the municipality to tackle the problem!

Since the autumn of 2014, the window poster can be found behind many windows in the area. Visitors are more aware that the neighborhood is not just an entertainment area, but that people actually are living and working here. Residents and visitors can download the poster or respond to the initiative through the supporting  facebook page Amsterdam Schoon by DWARS ontwerp.

What is the situation like in 2018? The cry for help from the neighborhood has been heard by the municipality of Amsterdam. The litter and other nuisances are being dealt with more thoroughly by the municipal services.


initiative, design & production: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2014