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An online community of lovers of cooking. A place where you can find the most delicious recipes, share recipes and experiences and create your shopping list. A community that is accessible with the uOvo kitchen computer, on your counter, where you need it!

In close collaboration with Lorenzo de Rita of The Soon Institute, we developed concepts for the uOvo – Italian for egg – for Barilla, the largest pasta producer in Italy. We started the project with a study of suitable communication technologies, platforms and user requirements. Based on this, we created a concept design for the functionality and the navigation structure of the application. It is possible to create recipes with photos and save them – locally or online – you can indicate whether you want to share your recipe(s), you can (video) chat with friends, play music while cooking and send a shopping list to your mobile phone.

Two concept designs of the uOvo have been further developed, each based on the same starting points and with the same functionality but each with a different user interface with a different look & feel. The main shape of both concept designs of the uOvo subtly refers to the basis of most Barilla products: the egg!

The uOvo has a 7 “touchscreen and a built-in camera, microphone and speakers. The uOvo communicates with the internet via WiFi and can be connected to a PC via USB.

in addition to the chosen concept design, we also designed a compact version of the uOvo. Suitable if you have less space on your countertop. The small uOvo has a detachable cover that can be used as a standard. With the cover on, it is easy to store it or take it with you.

client: Barilla Italy
concept & design: DWARS ontwerp in collaboration with Lorenzo de Rita fro The Soon Institute
year: 2009

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