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Join the Pipe

Access to clean drinking water is a problem in large parts of the world. Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap water drinkers and wants to change that. Join the Pipe promotes drinking tap water, also in the catering business, with the aim of a fair distribution of drinking water.

Join the Pipe and Vitens together developed a campaign to promote tap water in the catering business. The campaign started at the Horecava 2013 for which DWARS ontwerp designed the exhibition stand as well.

The water carafe with glasses is meant for restaurants that value sustainability and offer tap water as an environmentally conscious and cheaper alternative to bottled water.

The design of the water carafe with matching glasses fits well within the Pipe Bottles family. The glasses and carafe are stackable and the carafe also has the same characteristic, recognizable strap. The whole set is made of mouth-blown glassware. The mission statement of Join the Pipe is etched on the bottomside of the carafe.

client: Join the Pipe in Amsterdam
design and engineering: DWARS ontwerp
sourcing suppliers: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2013
photo on location: Vitens and Join the Pipe

Ontwerp voor een stapelbare waterkaraf met glazen voor de horeca in opdracht van Join the Pipe