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Interstitial Cystitis Patient Association

Can you contribute something creative to our association’s magazine? Photos or drawings perhaps? That is the question that was asked. The magazine Aquarius is an important means of communication for the patient association. In the magazine personal stories are shared, and you can find articles about new developments, activities of the association and practical tips on how to deal with the condition. A chronic condition that revolves around the bladder.

Not an easy and cheerful subject to talk about, write about and certainly not easy to illustrate. But here’s also a challenge: to visualize a health issue in a striking way – witty and with a bit of lightness. This is how the idea for the cartoon character “Bladder” was born. Bladder shows how what is described in the articles feels, explains it or gives tips in the form of a short strip.

client: Interstitial Cystitis Patient Association | DWARS ontwerp
publication: association’s magazine Aquarius (edition 67, 66, 65, 64)
year: 2019 – 2020