DWARS ontwerp is the design studio of Miriam de Lange and Mark Schulte. We started our collaboration in 2001 from two different disciplines – exhibition design and product design – but with a common passion for the design profession. The different backgrounds, together with a broad interest and a socially aware view, form the basis of our work.

Our way of working is characterized by a cross-disciplinary and multimedial way of thinking. Straight through different disciplines and media. The (project) goal justifies the means. We are therefore active on a broad design field. That is not an end in itself, but a result of enthusiasm and curiosity, fueled by the ambitions and possibilities of a project: creative, budgetary and systematic.

For each project we first investigate the essence – the ‘coat rack’. This gives direction to the development of content, form and technique. In the design and realization process we obvoiusly use our own expertise and skills in the field of concept development, graphic and interaction design, 3D design and engineering. Specialisms that we do not have in-house, for that we look for partnerships.

Because of our approach and our dedication to a project, we are usually involved up to and including the realization or completion of a project. We feel responsible not only for the quality of the design, but also for the quality of the production!

Zelfpotret van Miriam de Lange
Grafisch ontwerp, tekeningen en animatie DWARS ontwerp
Miriam de Lange | DWARS ontwerp

Miriam de Lange

In a compelling way to highlight a theme in image, text, form and sensory experience and explore all possibilities, that is what drives me. Analyze and systematize story lines and translate them into a spatial, graphic or interactive design. For me, drawing, creating, tinkering and experimenting are important aspects in the creative process.

After my education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, I developed in the museum sector as a broadly oriented designer: from printing to exhibitions, from presentation plans to events. Within DWARS ontwerp I focus on developing concepts and designing and realizing exhibitions, educational and communication projects.

Mark Schulte | DWARS ontwerp

Mark Schulte

The choice to start with DWARS ontwerp arose from the need to be active in a broader design field, from a more cross-disciplinary and multimedial approach. Designing and developing innovative concepts and finding smart, creative solutions. That is the challenge for me. Concepts of which the embodiment is not fixed in advance but stems from the ambition, goals and possibilities in a project.

At a large design agency I gained a lot of experience with complex design projects in the field of consumer products and professional products. Within DWARS ontwerp I focus on all-round design projects for which I always draw from my experience with various production techniques and my curiosity about innovative developments.