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Het Oplaadpunt B.V.

Drinking tap water fits into a healthy and responsible diet. With the water cooler TENQ and its little brother TENQY, schools – from elementary schools to universities – promote drinking tap water and thus offer a healthy alternative for the overknown soft drinks. A purpose that fits seamlessly with the ‘Healthy Nutrition Agreement at Schools’. The water coolers feature an integrated monitor on which messages can be displayed such as campaigns addressed to young people or videos by and for youngsters. This turns TENQ and TENQY into a platform for reaching young people in schools.

The design and functional lay-out give the water coolers a cool and distinctive look. The application of injection molded parts (TSG) in the housing of the water coolers allow the integration of several functions and components into one part together with a special design. The housing further consists of powder-coated sheetmetal and a base of cast aluminum.

client: Het Oplaadpunt B.V. in Amsterdam
design: Mark Schulte – DWARS ontwerp in collaboration with Marc Fleuren – Het Oplaadpunt B.V.
engineering: Mark Schulte
year: 2005, 2008

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