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DWARS ontwerp

Over two million Dutch people experience chronic pain every day. Because it concerns such a large group of people, you can rightly speak of a social problem. Can we as designers contribute to the improvement of care for these people? We think it is possible.

Framing Pain (literally: framing, but also coping with pain) is an experimental project at the intersection of health care and personal expression in which patients are encouraged to visualize their own pain and to use it in contact with their environment and their therapist. Based on the personal experiences of Miriam de Lange and subsequent research, we aim to develop a visual aid from a creative bottom-up approach.

The intention is that people with chronic pain can work independently with the tool. For this we want to use digital interaction – to inspire, inform, record and share – but above all the content concept appeals to elementary personal creativity.

We believe that with the power of imagination and expression a better insight can be gained in the personal story of a patient and that it can become relevant in the treatment. No patient is the same, then why be in the pain treatment? Suppose that 5% of people with chronic pain benefit from Framing Pain, then you talk about a group of 100,000 people!

Productontwerp voor het projectinitiatief over het verbeelden van chronische pijn.

initiative: DWARS ontwerp
support: patient association, practitioner/specialist, senior researcher
online project in progress:
year: 2015 – 2019

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online project in progress