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Foodculture Group & Kasteel Groeneveld

We have less and less time and attention to our daily food, less time to do shopping, to prepare our meal or to eat together. We get further and further away from the origin of production of what we eat. We become more unhealthy, we eat too much, too little varied and we don’t actually exactly know what we get on a daily basis. There is a lot of information about nutrition, yet we don’t have the time or the effort to get into it. The Food Culture Group is aiming to change this by making people – and young people in particular – more aware of what they eat and to stimulate to start thinking about it.

‘Do you know what you eat?’ This question was central to the development of the concept of the iSuper: a traveling, informative exhibition about everything to do with food and a real supermarket where you can do your daily shopping as well. In the iSuper you get to know everything about the products that you put in your shopping basket. Between the shop displays with food products you will find theme exhibits with relevant information about topics such as: vegetable and animal products, food technology, world trade, health, cultural eating habits, packaging, etc.

On your way through the iSuper, the iSuperMate – your personal digital shopping assistant – provides answers to all your questions about the products you put in your basket. What are the ingredients? Where is it from? What is the nutritional value? Does it fit in a responsible diet? What do these E numbers mean? What do these labels mean on the packaging, what about animal welfare? What are all those packaging symbols for? Answers to endless questions that help you make a conscious choice when you need it. You can save all your choices and preferences (on a USB stick) for your next visit to the iSuper or to learn more at home on the website which is part of the iSuper project.

The iSuper is made up of six prefab modules that can be linked together on location into a large freestanding pavilion. This construction makes the iSuper easy to transport.

initiative: Stichting Foodculture Group in Wageningen
client: Kasteel Groeneveld of the Ministry of Agriculture Nature and Food Quality in Baarn
idea, concept & design: DWARS ontwerp – Miriam de Lange & Mark Schulte
year: 2006

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