Kasteel Groeneveld

The experience kit allows you to experience a landscape in various ways. By feeling, dreaming, looking, smelling and philosophizing, you can explore your relationship with a landscape. Choose your favorite landscape icon from the stickers with landscape elements, can you find it in the exhibition or in the landscape around you? Look at the landscape through the filters with visual language printed on them, do you recognize the lines of wilderness, a dream landscape (arcadia) or a designed (rational) landscape?

View the landscape through colored glasses with the colored foils. What is changing? Look at a landscape, which smell fits best here? Look at an art object, feel with your hand the cards of different materials. What feeling do you have with what you see?

The experience kit is made as an aid to the exhibition and can also be used in all real landscapes. Suitable for young and old from 10 years.

client: Kasteel Groeneveld – previously the information center of the Ministry of agriculture, nature and food quality in Baarn
education: Boris van Oirschot and Ingeborg Snelleman in collaboration with Marja van Rossum, Center for Children’s Philosophy in the Netherlands
printing: Tripiti in Rotterdam
year: 2008