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Kasteel Groeneveld

In addition to the rational landscape, Matthijs Schouten distinguishes the postmodern landscape. The postmodern landscape refers to a development in which we create entirely new landscapes that will soon be replaced by an entirely different landscape: a kind of hyper landscape! This idea formed the basis of the concept of the landscape game in the exhibition.

The landscape game takes place on a virtual island where all landscape types are present: wilderness, Arcadian landscape and rational landscape. The landscapes and all of its elements can be changed or removed, new elements can be added.

What would you like to change, add or remove? You continue where the previous visitor left and you can make three changes to the landscape on the island. At the end of the game session, a snapshot is automatically made of the island as you leave it behind. This way your changes are recorded for the next visitors.

The 3D computer game, programmed in Blender (PC), is played from a fixed game console with integrated trackball, menu function buttons and speakers. The game has an on-screen menu (HUD) with which the game choices can be made. The computer image is projected onto the exhibition wall with a beamer (HD) so that playing the game can also be a group experience.

client: Kasteel Groeneveld – previously the information center of the Ministry of agriculture, nature and food quality in Baarn
concept, design & production: Mark Schulte, Miriam de Lange and Jordy Hoolwerf (trainee)
software: Blender
sound clips: Klink Audio
year: 2007