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Kasteel Groeneveld

Route Design A27, this project looks beyond the edges of the road. The highway cuts through beautiful natural areas, makes attractive rural areas accessible and forms the lifeline for new, designed landscapes. The motorway not only changes the existing landscape but also offers opportunities and invokes developments. Highway landscapes can be a visiting card of the Dutch landscape for road users.

A temporary exhibition in the form of a graphic representation of the route of the A27 including crossings with rivers and location indications of the various projects. A number of projects and vistas have been highlighted such as the vast polder landscape near Almere, an ecoduct for badgers, a corporate strip with a sound barrier, the outdoor space at Fort Altena, the bridge over the river Lek near Utrecht, panorama Schalkwijk and a green noise barrier.

client: Kasteel Groeneveld – previously the information center of the Ministry of agriculture, nature and food quality in Baarn
story line, design, animations & realization: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2008