Kasteel Groeneveld

The division into landscape types according to Matthijs Schouten’s essay is a way of interpreting changes in the landscape in relation to the experience.

We have translated these landscape types into a graphical visual language that forms the guideline along which the visitor is guided through the exhibition. When the images are put in succession, an animation appears. The wild natural lines in the wilderness, where the landscape belongs entirely to nature, have been gradually cultivated by men.

Curved lines were replaced with short paths and efficient lines. The original lines are often still recognizable, the history is visible. Sometimes we have completely changed parts of the country, eradicated original lines and created a completely rationally designed landscape (think of polders, residential areas and industrial estates). In such a functional landscape it is difficult to orient yourself, the past is no longer visible. But also in such landscapes new layers appear in the course of time and time becomes visible again.

client: Kasteel Groeneveld – previously the information center of the Ministry of agriculture, nature and food quality in Baarn
concept, design & production: DWARS ontwerp
year: 2007