DWARS ontwerp

How can you reduce or prevent street litter? That was the question for the design contest of Nederland Schoon. We came up with a concept that involves all stakeholders of the litter problem: the WinBin, an interactive and smart waste bin. The basic idea behind the WinBin concept is based on rewarding the ‘polluter’ for throwing away his or her waste in the waste bin. Businesses in the neighborhood – think of (mini) supermarkets, coffee to go’s, waffle shops, snack bars and fast food chains – can participate in the WinBin network through making small rewards available, e.g. a free cup of coffee. This way they help to stimulate to keep the neighborhood clean, meanwhile they can show their sustainable ambition. In addition, they can advertise on the screen. WinWin.

By throwing waste into the WinBin, a short, digital (chance) game starts on the WinBin screen. If you win, a ticket will be issued for collecting your prize from the, also winning, participating business. If you lose, you still contribute to keeping the street clean!

The design contest of Nederland Schoon took place in two rounds. In the first round, a selection of 9 concepts was made from all submissions. The entrants received a budget for the further development of the concept, for example a (scale) model or presentation. In the second round, the WinBin was chosen as the winner from the 9 concepts.

initiative: DWARS ontwerp submission to the Nederland Schoon design contest
visual scale model: Bruns in Bergeijk
recognition: Zwerfafval Innovatie Award by Nederland Schoon
year: 2005

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